Update on the state of Figaro address

An update on Figaro's state: Figaro will still not boot into Windows properly - after the splash screen, it will restart and go back to the multiboot screen. I've ran fixboot, but not fixmbr, since I believe it's not going to do anything even if I try that. Might try to copy the system boot.ini file or perform a manual system restore or something to get it up and running. D= That or get a new hard drive. Goodness, Figaro, you're not that old yet I hope.

The new shift is kinda weird for me, since I travel home with a lot of people now. Today on the way home I took a bus and sort of regretted it, since I rode on the side where the sunlight would hit. Toasted by the time I get to the end of the trip, and a bit lightheaded and groggy. Went to sleep at around 2pm though - I was trying to copy files from ubuntu to Picard before I attempted the fixboot, and the cd writing program on Figaro would not write files at all. D= Had to resort to transferring files using the usb flashdisks, and somehow managed to transfer most of the files. Now - I'm just thinking a new hdd is in order and I'll just turn the current hdd into a slave to salvage the data before wiping it out completely.
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The fight for the night (shift) begins!

Because of the change in my tech support program, I'm going to be on night shift starting Monday night, from 9:30 p.m.-6:30 a.m. That means I'm gonna be groggy most of the time you hear from me, might be a bit incoherent, just like now. The schedule for October will be determined by our attendance for the next few weeks. I-I'm kinda worried because some people here are a bit on the sickly side; that means if they fall sick within September our schedule will suck next month. o_O;

I just came from a three hour call concerning a blue screen. I'm kinda tired now but I still have 4.5 hours more to go, excluding my lunch break, of course. I'll be glad when this day's over and I can go home and just sleep like the dead.
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I think I just made a mistake signing up on the read-or-die page when my intention was to sign up for the forum. D= Anyone who saw that please please ignore it. I know I should never sign up for anything during a discussion of RAID configuration.

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Doctoring Figaro

So I got home after being away for two days, and mother mentioned that there's a corrupt error occurring on the windows half of Figaro. So I checked on it and got an error about inaccessible_boot_devices. The problem is Figaro's a dual-boot system so I had to go through the dual boot menu before going to Windows and attempting to check safe mode. It didn't work.

I sent a panicked email to oneechan after getting the internet to work on Picard (Picard's been iffy with the internets lately. Hm.) The Windows partition wasn't even readable in ubuntu! *cries* I found the Win 2KPro cd, ran recovery console and performed a thorough checkdisk, and now it attempts to boot to Windows, but then it'll restart. I'm thinking that come next payday and PA, it's time to get some new gear for Figaro. The Crt's also been blinking on and off, and so an LCD screen might be in order.

(I'd love to completely overhaul Figaro with a new mobo and the works but D=)

I need to make money.

meriste_dange, I'll be ripping the album later, after our farewell to arms party this afternoon. D= Any preferred upload site? ^^;
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In the middle of training

Still waiting for the other team to finish their Raid configuration setup. The training started at 4:30, and I'm not certain now if I will get the chance to visit the last day of the MIBF. I want to - if only to see the literary cosplay, since I've already provided enough monetary support to all the booksellers there. The Scholastic booth provided a 300 php book certificate when I purchased Book 7, which was the only reason why I purchased GoF with no qualms (it cost 325!). *rubs eyes*

Currently typing away on subrosa.

Edit: My astrology readings and my tarot readings cancel each other out. ^^;
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I've been punked by training

Total 10 hours at training + 4 hours travel + 1 hour prep time at home = 9 hours of free time, which I take for sleeping. >_<


Because of this, I'll have to learn to organize things so I can keep up with RL life and Fandom life. I think I won't join any other challenges outside lupin_snape, the Saint Seiya fen, and the HikaGo fandom (blind_go wave 3! W00t!) because a. I have fandom debts up to my nose, and b. I have twinsala obligations over at and c. I want to do RIZAL FANFIC DAMMIT! xD If you do find anything interesting, you can tell me about it, but no guarantees. This week is my last week at a six-day training schedule, so next week I have the whole weekend for the house.
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Uh, did anyone send me a package by any chance? I just got a parcel notice today, and I know I didn't give out my address to anyone else besides people in my flist. O_O I'll update once I figure out how to get to the Caloocan Post Office. XD

EDIT: Wow. When the heck did I fill up a survey in the Web-Japan page? XD Cute CD, but they didn't maximize the disc space. D:
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Report: Why the net's been down

(Oh, btw, Internet at home is still down, which is a bane to my existence. >_<;;;)

It turns out that the crash I heard over the weekend was the antenna falling off the roof. I'm a bit amazed it hung around for that long - I'd thought Milenyo would've sent it crashing down on our heads. Hindi pala. I don't even want to know what made that fall. ^^; Anyway, mom reported it already, so we're just waiting for Smart to send someone to fix it. *prays it'll happen today*

Oh, right, I have to fix that static problem on Figaro first. *headdesks*

inklingfair, once I transfer that wav file, I will listen to you sing! ^_^
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